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June 12, 2015

     Hello Friends and Colleagues! For my first blog post, I had to start with a recommendation of a book that has had more of an affect on my classroom teaching than any other. The ideas in this book will be the foundation of a majority of my future posts so I felt it necessary to start here! With the school year winding down and summer starting for most of us teachers, this is great time to grab a book and find that quiet sp...

June 5, 2015

       Hello Friends! I am excited to have my first article "The Best Ensemble Sound" published in the June/July issue of The Instrumentalist. The article is based on the clinic I will be presenting at the Midwest Clinic in December entitled “Achieving your Ensemble Sound; Its Fundamental!” This article talks about how spending time daily on fundamentals (posture, breathing, embouchure, articulation, and releases) can greatly...

June 1, 2015

Technology is integrated into the classroom everyday and is an integral part of the students’ daily classroom experience. When planning a rehearsal, I think about what the objectives I want to accomplish and how technology can be used to enhance those objectives.


There are available technological options to support all areas of music performance such as intonation, tone quality, rhythm or recording. Sometimes it is as easy as...

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